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  Customer Quotes  
  "eTranslate delivers globalization solutions that go far beyond translating content. They understand the tremendous complexities involved in becoming a truly global organization."

–Managing Director, Goldman Sachs


"eTranslate has greatly accelerated Asera's delivery of localized, multilingual solutions to our enterprise customers. eTranslate's capabilities in providing high quality localization services distinguished them from other companies we evaluated. "

–CEO, Asera

eTranslate is a highly specialized localization company and a market leader well recognized for its innovations and cutting edge language technology solutions. Clients choose eTranslate to assist them with their localization needs because of our extensive experience, practical technology and sound project management practices.

A Key Role in Localization

Project Manager

eTranslate project managers help you coordinate schedules and resources, confirm that files are received and delivered according to the agreed upon schedule and ensure that the project is completed on time and with the highest degree of quality. eTranslate project managers are trained in ISO processes and are all black or blue belt certified in Microsoft Project.

Key Activities in the Localization Process

Glossary & Style Guide
Localization Engineering
Graphics Engineering
Functional & Linguistic Quality Assurance

Glossary & Style Guide

eTranslate localization experts work with you to develop glossaries and style guides, ensure a consistent 'voice' in all target languages, and eliminate translator uncertainty. Style guides address issues such as general writing style, grammatical conventions, punctuation, and word usage. Glossaries are guides to diction. For each initiative, eTranslate consultants develop a master glossary in the source language and include industry-specific terminology and difficult-to-translate terms. eTranslate localizes this glossary in each of the target languages.

eTranslate is the only globalization solutions company to employ Translation Managers to develop glossaries and style guides. Translation Managers work with in-country resources to ensure that current dictionaries and reference books can be utilized and that members are enmeshed in the target culture.

Localization Engineering

Localization Engineering provides you with the software skills necessary to adapt your application to different cultures. This service identifies internationalization issues; builds the test environment; prepares translatable text; re-engineers components (including re-coding and script writing) and pinpoints the time frame and resources needed to perform such functions.

eTranslate localization engineers are recruited from backgrounds in web and application development. As a result, we are able to understand your challenges and provide practical solutions to your internationalization challenges.

Translation/Edit/Proof (TEP)

eTranslate has assembled a global network of language specialists, including native speaking translators, editors and proofreaders. All content passes through a complete TEP cycle. Linguists follow established guidelines to ensure translation is appropriate and accurate.

Graphics Engineering

Many web projects need localized graphics. The goal of the graphics engineering group is to exactly match newly localized graphics with the originals. During this process, graphics engineering brings to your attention any issues regarding text expansion or redesign problems that localization will cause. Because, for example, German words are typically longer than English words and Asian text runs vertically, newly translated text must be refitted with the objects. A key challenge is that graphics often have text embedded in objects.

eTranslate graphics engineers extract and translate text using eTranslate Localization Toolkit Image Manager to separate the localizable from the non-localizable graphics, review graphic text with designated approvers and re-integrate localized text with graphics and adjust format appropriately

Graphic File formats include: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe PageMaker, Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Shockwave, Macromedia Director, Macromedia Fireworks, FrameMaker, Quark, Freehand, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, jpeg, gif, and animated gif.

Functional & Linguistic Quality Assurance (QA)

Once eTranslate has translated all of the translated text and graphics files, in-house QA engineers and linguists review the localized content in context to ensure its accuracy and integrity. We conduct linguistic QA testing to ensure that:
  • Translated text is contextually correct
  • Dynamically generated text makes sense in the target language
  • Truncations due to field size limitations or other causes are discovered
  • Applications/scripts that do special manipulation of the text run correctly on the translated text

In our final linguistic QA, eTranslate consulting experts check to ensure the contextual appropriateness of the text once the full content is integrated. In web sites with a database back-end, web applications containing a user interface, or any dynamically generated web page, this is the only time that testers can see the content in a similar manner to the user's experience. eTranslate often works with regional representatives on the client side to review the translated material, in context, before finalizing the project.


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