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  Customer Quotes  
  "It was obvious from the questions they asked that the eTranslate team understood our business goals and technology better than anyone else. And they were able to make the link between business goals, processes and technology clear to us. We didn't seriously consider anyone other than eTranslate."

–Director of Globalization, Asera

eTranslate Localization Suite : gl_logoGlobalLink

GlobalLink incorporates the following key capabilities and benefits to make the work of content developers and managers more efficient.

Content Repository Adapters. Flexible, configurable modules enable Content Manager to easily access external areas where content is stored, including databases and Content Management Systems.
  • Provides flexible, scalable technology infrastructure to leverage existing investments
  • Automated Business Processes. GlobalLink provides multilingual workflow that enforces and automatically executes critical business processes such as file submission, change detection, e-mail notification of project management tasks and events, and real-time tracking and reporting of individual localization projects.
  • Reduces the time and effort it takes to localize content by eliminating many routine manual tasks
  • Avoids costly, error-prone steps in the content localization lifecycle
  • Transmits crucial information immediately, keeping team members informed
Centralized Content View. GlobalLink enables users to view and access a variety of content types from file systems, databases and Content Management Systems through an intuitive, browser-based interface.
  • Eliminates the need for special training or understanding of the underlying structure of file, database, or content management system repositories
Automated Change Detection. GlobalLink automatically detects changes in files with varying formats, enabling users to determine what action needs to be taken without having to track content updates manually.
  • Saves time by automatically notifying resources when content has been updated, moved, added or deleted
  • Provides control over frequently changing divergent repositories by monitoring on-demand or at pre-configured intervals
  • Ensures content is kept up to date with synchronization of source and target content
Secure Content Transfer. GlobalLink is installed on a dedicated server behind your firewall and connects directly with your language service provider or localization organization, protecting data integrity. Security is enforced through password authorization and encrypted, authenticated communication over HTTPS.
  • Safeguards content when working with independent service providers
Powerful Reporting Templates. GlobalLink's reporting templates generate real-time status of various projects in the localization process.
  • Provides visibility to the status of content as it proceeds through the localization process
  • Speeds the tracking all files requiring localization
  • Helps with the management of tight localization deadlines


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