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Latest Numbers Detail International Opportunities For E-tailers Looking For Successful Strategies To Increase Their Revenues During The Holiday Season And Beyond

San Francisco, California, November 15, 2000 - E-tailers in the U.S. that are looking for "holiday cheer" had better be selling their goods in international markets. According to the latest research from IDC, commissioned by eTranslate , there are opportunities for U.S. companies to market their goods via the Internet in foreign markets as the shoppers can be more adventurous, and in many cases, are more willing to purchase certain goods online than U.S. consumers. The numbers also show that international Internet users have a high preference for sites in their native language when accessing the Internet.

The new research shows that companies selling books, music, electronics, and clothes online have an opportunity to expand their sales overseas and increase their holiday revenues compared to their competitors who focus exclusively on Internet consumers in the U.S.

Some of the highlights from the research include:

16 out of the 26 countries surveyed had Internet users that were more willing to purchase books and magazines online than Internet users in the U.S. (64%). Among the countries topping the U.S. were Brazil (81%), Germany (75%), Korea (74%), and the People's Republic of China (66%). While the percentage of Internet users in India (72%) willing to purchase music online crushes the percentage of U.S. users (41%), the more attractive markets for U.S. e-tailers to target include Spain (43%), Brazil (42%), France (38%). Compared to other products and services, Internet consumers in general are not very willing to purchase clothes online but Japan (25%), Germany (16%), and Korea (15%) are among several countries that have a higher percentage of Internet users compared to the U.S. (7%). The United States (34%) is still the most attractive market for selling electronics online but Korea (37%), Brazil (26%), and Singapore (24%) have enough consumers willing to purchase these goods that e-tailers should not ignore them.

"Companies who are selling online in targeted international markets stand a better chance of avoiding the post-holiday blues," said John Gantz, Chief Research Officer for IDC. "There is a wide variety by country in the willingness of advanced Internet buyers to pick up a particular category. E-tailers who take the time to research each international market and then move quickly into them will be prosperous long after the holiday season."

Happy Holidays For Global E-tailers "Companies that limit themselves to 'holding their position' in the U.S. will be even more scarce during the next holiday season.," said Charlie Baxter, CEO of eTranslate. "E-tailers in the U.S. need to be perpetually advancing into promising international markets and establish themselves as a legitimate contender before international competitors seize the positions they were trying to hold in the U.S."

Using a combination of a survey of 30,000 advanced Web users and its Internet Commerce Market Model, IDC reviewed the top 26 major Internet-using countries and their suitability as targets for Web site localization in this study.

About eTranslate eTranslate is a complete solutions provider that helps companies build international leadership and global communications reach using digital-based technology and a worldwide network of technical, linguistic and cultural professionals. Raising the standards of the Web globalization industry, eTranslate works seamlessly with companies to translate their Internet business model into global markets. eTranslate GlobalWeb( solutions provide customized Web services including globalization consulting, technical integration, software engineering, professional language translation, and dynamic content management. eTranslate GlobalWeb( is supported by one of the largest proprietary networks of language professionals in the world. eTranslate, Inc. is headquartered in San Francisco and has offices in Berlin, New York, Paris, Santiago, Sao Paulo, and Tokyo. More information can be found at

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