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Latest Numbers From IDC Explore International Markets For Financial Services, Computer Hardware, Computer Software, and Media Industries And Consumers' Willingness To Purchase Goods Online

San Francisco, California -- October 24, 2000 -- U.S. companies who do not market to international online consumers are ignoring potential revenue streams, according to the latest research from IDC, a leading advisory firm on e-business and technology. By 2004, many countries including Korea, Japan, France, Brazil, and The People's Republic of China will demonstrate considerable growth in business-to-consumer commerce and possess online users who wish to make significant purchases online.

The latest numbers from IDC, published with the support of eTranslate <>, shows that companies in the financial services, computer hardware, computer software, and the media industry will have a greater opportunity to expand their sales overseas and increase their revenues compared to their competitors who focus exclusively on U.S.-centric audiences.

Some of the highlights from the research include:

Internet users in the People's Republic of China are more willing to buy stocks and investments online (26%) than in the U.S. (24%). Korea has the same percentage of Internet users willing to buy stocks and investments online as the U.S. and Sweden had the highest percentage of users (27%). The percentage of Internet users in the U.S. willing to buy software online (69%) is eclipsed by users in Venezuela (75%) and is closely followed by users in Brazil, Netherlands, Australia, and Japan (68% each). While the U.S. is dominant in computer sales online (69%), several countries, including Korea (53%), Venezuela (59%), Puerto Rico (67%), United Kingdom (59%), and Japan (54%) are attractive targets for U.S. companies. Media companies need to look outside the U.S. as 11 of the 25 countries surveyed, including Argentina (47%), Peru (45%), Germany (43%), and The People's Republic of China (38%) had a higher percentage of people willing to buy information than the U.S. (37%). Korea represents a promising market for many types of eCommerce due to its high Internet penetration rate and growth projection as well as the small number of dialects necessary to cater to for local language content. Chile, Venezuela, (76%), Puerto Rico (75%) and Malaysia (74%) have the highest percentile of willingness to conduct cross-border commerce online, eclipsing the world wide average (52 %)

"For companies offering products in theses categories, the data creates a blueprint for global eCommerce and which countries' online consumers will be the best targets based on their propensity to purchase the category over the Web," said John Gantz, Chief Research Officer for IDC. "Companies wishing to reach these markets need to localize their offerings. Attractive markets in Europe (Germany, France, and Italy) have a reasonably high preference for local language. The markets in Asia, including Korea, Japan, and the People's Republic of China, are very similar and also show a strong preference for local language."

"One of the keys to implementing a profitable global eCommerce strategy is researching individual countries to determine whether or not its online consumers are willing to buy your product online and, learning whether or not they will engage in cross-border eCommerce," said Charlie Baxter, CEO of eTranslate. "Companies making the decision to go global need to move at Internet speed because the international markets are the next battle grounds for traditional eCommerce players and aggressive start-ups."

Using a combination of a survey of 30,000 advanced Web users and its Internet Commerce Market Model, IDC reviewed the top 26 major Internet-using countries and their suitability as targets for Web site localization in this groundbreaking study.

About IDC IDC is the foremost global market intelligence and advisory firm helping clients gain insight into technology and ebusiness trends to develop sound business strategies. Using a combination of rigorous primary research, in-depth analysis, and client interaction, IDC forecasts worldwide markets and trends to deliver dependable service and client advice. More than 700 analysts in 43 countries provide global research with local content. IDC's customers comprise the world's leading IT suppliers, IT organizations, ebusiness companies and the financial community. Additional information can be found at IDC is a division of IDG, the world's leading IT media, research and exposition company.

About eTranslate eTranslate is a complete solutions provider that helps companies build international leadership and global communications reach using digital-based technology and a worldwide network of technical, linguistic and cultural professionals. Raising the standards of the Web globalization industry, eTranslate works seamlessly with companies to translate their Internet business model into global markets. eTranslate GlobalWebTM solutions provide customized Web services including globalization consulting, technical integration, software engineering, professional language translation, and dynamic content management. eTranslate GlobalWebTM is supported by one of the largest proprietary networks of language professionals in the world. eTranslate, Inc. is headquartered in San Francisco and has offices in Berlin, New York, Paris, Santiago, Sao Paulo, and Tokyo. More information can be found at

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