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  Customer Quotes  
  "We were impressed by the depth of the World Readiness Assessment. We were able to incorporate a good deal of what we learned immediately, as we were just drawing up the designs for our new site.

–Web Operations Manager, Interwoven

"eTranslate delivers globalization solutions that go far beyond translating content. They understand the tremendous complexities involved in becoming a truly global organization."

–Managing Director, Goldman Sachs

eTranslate Consulting helps you establish the business process and technical foundation for your globalization initiative. Communicating across linguistic and cultural barriers is a challenge that goes far beyond translating words. It also requires business processes to support the complexities of making that communication happen and technology that is "world-ready," meaning it can be modified easily for any global or ethnic domestic market. By resolving such issues before localization projects begin, your business builds a solid foundation for multilingual content management—a foundation that can translate into costs and time savings for every successive localization project.

Two Unique Practices
Globalization Solutions and Business Process Design

eTranslate Consulting is comprised of two practices that address distinct globalization challenges.

The Globalization Solutions practice addresses the technical, cultural, and linguistic issues surrounding globalization. The Business Process Design practice focuses on the business process challenges involved in creating, managing and maintaining multilingual assets and develops an organizational and process framework for meeting those challenges. eTranslate Consulting also offers Technology Implementation services to businesses that choose eTranslate Localization Suite to ensure seamless integration and smooth installation.

Whether your business requires assistance with a specific issues or a comprehensive globalization solution, eTranslate can help. Our consulting professionals can develop a world-ready solution that is tailored to your specific situation.

A business launching its first globalization initiative may not be familiar with the many issues that must be considered when delivering information to serve multilingual and multicultural audiences. For example:
  • Adaptation cycles for a particular market must be coordinated to ensure that brand consistency is maintained while market needs are met
  • Planning must take into account the extra time needed for coordination among all areas of the organization involved in globalization
  • Success measures must be determined and the balance between central and local control should be established up front
  • Databases must be designed to accommodate searching and sorting in a variety of languages with varying character sets and encodings
  • Text may expand by 40-200% when translated, so user interfaces and HTML layouts must be flexible enough to accommodate the expansion
  • Ethnocentric graphics and icons must be eliminated or replaced with images that are universally understood and culturally appropriate
These are just a few interrelated technical, linguistic and cultural challenges that must be addressed in order to build an effective and cost-efficient multilingual presence. eTranslate Consulting experts have the knowledge and experience required to help you address these challenges.


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