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  "We chose to automate our globalization process with eTranslate Localization Suite. eTranslate's solution addresses each stage of the localization process and targets the needs of the localization team. "

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About eTranslate

The eTranslate Network

eTranslate is the leading provider of globalization technology and services for the Fortune 1000. Our localization software solution enables organizations to increase global revenues, capture market share and streamline their business processes. eTranslate generates significant ROI for its clients by reducing the cost of localization, increasing speed to market and improving the quality of communications worldwide.

eTranslate is a proven, trusted partner

Unlike other vendors, our solutions are based on years of experience in the localization services industry. This expertise is built into all of our commercially available solutions, including:

  • eTranslate Localization — localization services, including translation, graphics engineering, editing and proofreading, for clients that need assistance with one or several target languages.
  • eTranslate Localization Suite — a set of three fully integrated, modular applications to automate, manage and optimize the localization process
  • eTranslate Consulting — services to help businesses work through the logistics of globalization, including outlining process requirements, defining product architecture and assessing cultural portability of content and graphics.

Practical technology built on years of experience

eTranslate localization technology was initially developed to better manage the localization projects in our own services business. Once tested and proven, we brought the technology to market for corporate use. Today, eTranslate is used extensively in enterprise environments.

eTranslate delivers compelling value, achievable return on investment

Our own customer studies and internal research indicate that businesses typically cut localization costs in half using eTranslate technology and complete projects almost 40% faster than employing manual localization efforts.

IDC reports from globalization vendors that customers can expect an ROI on a globalization expenditure of between 25% and 150% in the first year. This return comes from a combination of revenue realized through reaching new markets and savings realized through less support overhead, centralized resource and infrastructure management, increased productivity, faster project throughput and lower overall translation costs.

With so many technology offerings available today, companies need to know what their investment will yield, either in terms of increased revenues or decreased costs. Contact eTranslate today for a detailed template to help you determine your return on investment.

Then you’ve probably started to sort out some challenging issues:
  • Are your products and content ready for localization?
  • What business processes need to change to support your globalization efforts?
  • How will you maintain control as content changes, the number of target locales increase and more people become involved?
Once you’ve launched localized content in your target markets, how will you manage the ongoing content changes? Leverage existing translations? Maintain quality localization standards? Manage vendor relationships?

Globalization can help your business increase revenues and achieve a competitive edge. eTranslate can help you realize those goals more quickly. With enterprise technology, experienced localization professionals and tailored consulting engagements, we have expertise you can depend on
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